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Sapiens: The Story Of Us

In 2018 Experience Factory founder John Loken approached Israeli history professor Yuval Noah Harari with the crazy idea to transform his international bestseller Sapiens into a global touring exhibition. The provocative work of nonfiction and its follow-ups have sold 30 million copies across 60 translations, but the goal was to reach an even bigger audience with a mixed media walk-through experience that would impact visitors in a deeply personal and visceral way. Our mission, in partnership with Harari's social impact company Sapienship, Local Projects and Possible, is to elucidate the extraordinary rise of humankind over the last 70,000 years, but also to warn of the extinction-level threats that are upon us today: technological disruption, ecological collapse, and nuclear war. Sapiens: The Story Of Us is a network of five immersive installations that will launch in New York City in 2022 before opening additional centers in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East over the next ten years. The ambitious platform for community engagement poses the urgent, existential question: for how much longer will the unprecedented evolutionary reach of our species exceed the grasp of our collective ethics? 

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